Privacy Policy

Handling of personal information This website is administered by and provided to you by Bijou de M Inc. Following is an explanation of what you should be aware of before using the website. Please note that the information contained on this website may be changed or removed without notice.
1. Introduction Bijou de M Inc. (us, we) recognizes the importance of your personal information. We have therefore established provisions in a document titled "Handling of personal information on this website" (hereafter, "the provisions") that relate to the appropriate management of personal information so that you can use our website with confidence.
2. Definition of personal information "Personal information" in the provisions means information that is capable of identifying you as an individual such as your name, contact details etc provided by you through the website (including information that can easily be cross-referenced with other information to identify you).
3. Purpose of use of personal information

We will use any personal information provided by you for the following purposes:

(1) to notify you the results of our prize competitions, consumer monitors offering, etc and for the delivery of giveaways etc;
(2) to match and to customize information on this website to individual users;
(3) to respond to inquiries;
(4) to provide various information from us by email/direct mail etc;
(5) to prepare articles or contents;
(6) for questionnaires, and the use of the answers in articles and contents;
(7) to enable improvement of the services provided and to develop new services;
(8) to prevent use in a form that breaches the Terms of Use for the services provided;
(9) to introduce services etc provided by third parties to users when requested.

We will not use personal information provided by you for a purpose other than those expressly stated above without your consent.

4. Provision of personal information

The personal information you have provided may be provided to a third party to fulfill the purpose of use stated above, only in the following cases:

(1) when you have given your consent;
(2) when your personal information is processed in a way that you cannot be identified;
(3) when the use of your personal information has a legal basis.

5. Facultativity of submitting personal information The mandatory field for your personal information will be clearly stated in the entry field. You can refuse to provide optional informations at your own discretion, however, if you do not provide mandatory items, you may not be able to use our service.
6. Management of security of personal information We will treat and store your personal information properly and will take every step to prevent illegal access, loss, destruction, manipulation or divulging of infomation. Our employees will be trained to protect your personal information and we will do our best to secure its safety both physically and personally.
7. Disclosure of your information to third pary suppliers We may disclose your information to achieve the purpose of use stated above in paragraph 3. In this case, we will select a company with an equivalent level of security as us, and will clearly state how your infomation have to be treated in agreements to control and supervise it appropriately.
8. Disclosure/correction/deletion of personal information When we request you to provide your personal information, we will give you information about the privacy inquiry contact. When you wish to disclose, correct or delete etc the content of the personal information you have provided, please contact the privacy inquiry contact. After confirming your identity, we will disclose, correct or delete your personal information within a reasonable time frame and to a reasonable extent.
9. Notice of campaigns and services The Company may send mail/electronic mail or call you about, our services that we believe would be useful to you. You can tell us to stop or resume these notices using the by a method separately determined by the Company.