our vision

Commitment to

excellence meets

"Kawaii" culture

Whether it's an animal or a creature of the sea, design that sparks joy in life is at the heart of our brands, while the quality of material and the level of craftsmanship is never compromised to be anything less than luxury.
Fusion between the world of sophisticated high end authenticity and Japan's "kawaii" culture formulates a unique chemistry; First Class Kawaii.
We hope that our brands will be loved by those who playfully express themselves through fashion.

our value

Precious stones are

gifts from Mother Earth.

Diamonds and sapphires have nurtured life on earth from time out of mind. They are miraculous gifts beyond time.
We use only the highest standard diamonds and sapphires, and all stones and materials are carefully handpicked by the Creative Director herself.

our mission

Creating jewelry

that will continue to feel novel

a hundred years from now.

Monaural earrings, that can be mixed and matched, is an iconic style that exemplifies those who are liberal and adventurous.
On the other hand, the swinging flower petal design expresses the origin of beauty - the breath of life and nature.
Timeless but always transforming, formal but can be used on a daily bases - and always fresh.
We strive to create jewelry that will continue to feel novel a hundred years from now.


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