Even if extreme, women love cute jewelry in high quality.
Women's fashion and jewelry have always been a mirror reflecting the time. Women wear the trends to express themselves.
Now, women want to express themselves more freely and richly.
To create a jewelry that creates a new value crisscrosses formal and informal.
Bijou de M stated with such thought.

Highly selected materials and skilled tequnique
All the materials are carefully selected by the designer and are applied manually by Japanese skilled workers using traditional technique. This is how beautifully detailed exquisite jewelrys are born.
Since our design has lot of unique details with movable parts, we conduct long-term proving tests to guarantee the strength. We produce many prototypes and test in many ways. The designer herself wears them for months to confirm and improve the quality.

Bijou de M respects the essence of "cuteness" that women in all age finds in pop, colorful and decorative items.We want to bring "cuteness" in the best quality to everyday life.

Inspiration from nature
Animals and landscapes in nature are the most important sources of inspiration for Bijou de M.
Us, human is also a part of the natural world and we instinctively respect and sympathize with nature and the fleetingness of life.
Nature gives us calmness and we believe that it is where the beauty is born.

For the ladies evolving
Women's sense of value has changed largely during the past decades.
"Jewelrys we already have might not be enough to express evolving women"
"There needs to be more liberal way to express women"
Jewelrys that could be used in both casul and formal situation.
Earrings sold in single pieces so that it could be paired with whatever one wishes to. Moving petal designs…….Our wish is to offer jewelrys that thinks outside the box, full of unexpcted happy surprises.